A Walk by the Nene Valley Railway

Today MD1, TT925 and I took a trip down to Orton Mere and then walked alongside the Nene Valley Railway.

Unfortunately there were no trains today. Well, fortunate, as there were very few muggles. Especially at Donald and Douglas!

After the Thomas and Friends cache we headed down the railway and picked In Disguise by the Line which, had I not seen one of these on eBay last night, I may very well have completely dismissed!

Then it was off to Longueville Junction where we had to prevaricate whilst a muggle approached from the opposite direction and passed us before we could have a look. Once gone that was an easy find of a cool homemade cache. Then up to Woodston Ponds where we left a bit of a cachers trail up to the cache.

After this cache MD1 and TT925 headed back to the car to drive round and meet me at the other end of the path, I went on to The Pond where I struggled at first but the gate was open so I went through and had a much better view.

Then there was The Long Walk which was quite a long walk made even longer by having to slow my pace up as there was a muggle loitering near GZ. Once this was dealt with I went to find the last of the lunch hour which was Compo who was lying discarded on the ground. Probably too much Summer Wine!

From here I headed just a little way further up the track to where MD1 and TT925 had just arrived to pick me up.

7 caches for me today!