Around the Rowing Lake

Today HereLooking4Cache, TreasureTrail925 and I went and took a walk around Peterborough Rowing Lake without MacDan1.

We parked up at the Boathouse pub headed out. The water levels were high and there were signs of recent flooding, but all looked OK today so off we headed.

We started down the north side of the rowing lake to pick up the Team Twitter Trail caches Oxford and Cambridge. These were two interesting and well hidden caches. Next was Nene Park Micro which was a nice easy find, then we headed under the parkway to grab Off the Beaten Track.

After that we headed back up the south side and grabbed River View by rustybucket-217 which was my 20th find.

When we got back to the office MacDan could not believe we had found 5!

A lovely lunchtime walk out and what a haul!