Making a Start on Ferry Meadows

Today we took a trip down to Ferry Meadows primarily to grab Ferry meadows nature view (GC201QV). We parked up at Thorpe Wood golf course and headed down a pleasant path to Ferry Meadows.

When we got to nature view though we discovered the nature hide and the surrounding area is cordoned off an building work is going on so we had to abort.

Then we headed over to Lake Side Walk (GC2K1HW) unfortunately we couldn't hang around too long looking for this as a local school had brought their little darlings here for a nature trail so had to leave with another DNF*.

On the way back to the car, disheartened (pun intended), we took a slight detour to have a go at Thorpe Wood 'Under the Canopy' (GC2849B) and here we got a bonus, we found 2 caches!!

Make sure you take the correct path to this one, although the riverside boardwalk is nice you'll soon realise your error and face an extra few hundred metres walk or an up hill scramble.