Taking the Kids Out

Today the wife-muggle had to take eldest child to football and so off she went with the baby as well, leaving me with the middle 3 children.

"Aha!", thought I, " ...lets go for a drive and find some geocaches." So we load up the car with 3 children and 2 dogs and go up to Clay Lane near Abbott's Ripton.

We parked up at Mountain Cache and Dash (GC268DJ) which states "The cache is named after the nearby "Magic Mountain" - a cold war bunker built to withstand a direct nuclear strike and now listed as an historic building. The Magic Mountain was built in 1989 and was only in active use for 2 years. It was built to ensure that the TR-1A reconnaissance aircraft stationed at RAF Alconbury would always have a command post. The building is now to be used as an emergency facility by Cambridgeshire County Council.".

From there we walked the dogs up to Cambridgeshire West Guides (GC1VWCT) which involved crossing the East Coast Mainline. So we stopped here for a while so youngest child could watch the trains then off to grab the cache.

Daughter #2 found this easily and I had to restrain them from emptying all the goodies from the cache as we only had an empty paper coffee cup as a swap!!

We then headed back to the car and after being disturbed by a jogger finally found the Mountain Cache and Dash. Sneeky that one!

Later on in the afternoon with the other children back we took a trip over to Hinchingbrooke Country Park where we had a walk round the lakes collecting the clues for a multi-cache* called Hello Kitty in the Woods  and the wife saw her first cache in situ when we stopped for a break at Carys' Crazy Canine Companion Cache, we then carried on around the lake picking up clues for the multi-cache and arrived at The Lord Protector's Playground which was an ammo can - WOW!

Then it was time to go look for the multi-cache final, but try as we might we could not find it.

* A multi-cache is a cache which has several locations which you need to visit to get the required information to pinpoint the actual cache.