Hello Huntingdonshire Finally Complete

This weekend The Wiggle (wife-muggle) headed off to pick up the kids from her parents who have had them for a week of the holidays. This left me with the opportunity to do some cache finding, maintaining and setting.

I started off sorting out the clue in the Birthday cache near Coppingford before heading out to Gidding, Thurning, Molesworth, Keyston, Tillbrook and finally Kimbolton before heading home for some well deserved ale.

The majority of the caches that I set were the final caches of the Hello Huntingdonshire Series.

I started the series with the first cache near Kimbolton back in December 2012 whilst I was between jobs. From there I headed east in an anti-clockwise direction over towards Eltisley on the A428.

Then luckily in May 2013 I got a new job and it was down in the area that I had just got to!

From there, though, the route headed over towards Ely and then up to Peterborough and that took some time to organise and set.

Then there was a bit of a Hiatus until Izaak Wilson retired and I went up the A1 and set some more whilst on trips picking up his archived caches.

Once that was done the final section from Elton down to Tilbrook sat unfinished for months only getting the odd random pot dropped when I realised I would be going past a spot.

Well, this weekend was the ideal opportunity to get the series finished and get some of the unpublished caches cleared from my 'New Cache Listing' page.

By 18:30 on Saturday I was safely in my local pub supping ale.

By 13:30 on Sunday the listing had all been submitted, and ...

By 19:30 on Sunday the final cache in the series was published!

As usual another quick turn around by poshrule!

Now, about that Lizard ...